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Ubuntu Ramdisk: An Easy Way

I'm doing some code that use Derby (Java DB) and creating every time the database is some time consuming. It may be solved using a ram disk, this is the ubuntu way (maybe most GNU/Linux way).

mkdir -p /tmp/ram
sudo mount -t tmpfs -o size=512M tmpfs /tmp/ram/

more info here


Un anillo de lectura con sugru

Hoy he visto un gadget de baja tecnología muy util para leer libros, hecho de sugru y un palo de helado.

Tomado prestado de Instructables

A reading ring with sugru

Today I've seen a very useful low-tech gadget to read books, made of sugru and a popsicle stick.

Borrowed from Instructables

How to be productive

I've found this advice about how to be productive at Google+ and I'll print it and put on the wall. This is my new purpose after my summer non-holidays.