Salgo para Londres

Dentro de un rato salgo para londres, una semanita, a ver si vengo con una novia inglesa, no estaría mal, yo le enseño español y ella me ensela fran... digo ingles }:->

bueno de ilusiones también se vive, sobre todo los geeks :-)


FindRepe 0.6.0

Version 0.6.0 of FindRepe comes with new options, bug fixes and minor performance changes

  • added options:

    • --unique list only unique files (--count=1)

    • --count=N list files repeated N times

    • --min-count=N files repated at least N times

    • --max-count=N files repated no more than N times

  • added some paths to autoexclusion list
  • issues 6, 7, 8 where fixed
  • some verbose messages for option -v

-Download findrepe-0.6.0.zip

-Decompress it using the command

unzip findrepe-0.6.0.zip

-Install the launcher with one of the following commands

java -jar findrepe-0.6.0/FindRepe.jar --install

java -jar findrepe-0.6.0/FindRepe.jar --install-home

sudo java -jar findrepe-0.6.0/FindRepe.jar --install-home=/opt/jdk1.6

-Play and enjoy it with

Windows users:

findrepe c:\ e:\

GNU/Linux, OpenSolaris and any other unix flavor users:

findrepe /backup/mp3 /backup/src